Обложка альбома 48MayAt the start of 2003, four friends were drawn together by a single realization - music should be synonymous with fun. If it's not fun, it's a waste of time. With this code in mind, 48May was born. Jon Austin (vocals, guitar), CaptainHook (guitar, vocals), Jarod Brown (drums, vocals) and Shannon Brown (bass, vocals) were friends well before 48May. Hook and Jon went to school together and have been writing music together for years, while the Brown brothers are both well known on the New Zealand music circuit for their roles in bands such as Mama Said and Tadpole Each hailing from a different former band, every member contributes a certain musical dynamic that gives 48May it's unique edge. As top New Zealand DJ, Mike Puru so succinctly put it, "sometimes a cupboard full of a mixture of ingredients can be thrown together - and the result is an amazing meal. The same applies for 48May". Described as ?®Sum 41 meets Foo Fighters, with a hint of Def Leppard??, 48May's feel-good music perfectly reflects their laid-back, outgoing personalities.